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    Zheshang Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (stock code: 834089)is the very first private VC company that owns its VC building,is the first privately-controlled venture capital institution that successfully listed at NEEQ in Zhejiang Province. It integrated the international and localized management model, and established “Zheshang experience” in Chinese equity investment community.

    ZSVC has a professional management team of about 100 employees. The core team owns rich experience in industrial operation and investment management. President Yuemeng Chen is a member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang CPPCC Committee, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association, President of Zhejiang CNDCA Entrepreneurs Association, co-president of China Venture Capital Specialized Committee, Chairman of the Equity Investment and Merger & Acquisition Committee of the General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs, Vice President of China Chamber of International Commerce, Chairman of Hangzhou Xihu District Federation of Industry & Commerce, President of the General Chamber of Commerce, First Executive Chairman of Zhejiang Private Equity Association, Vice President of Zhejiang Merger & Acquisition Federation, and Vice President of the Listed Companies Sodality of Zhejiang University Alumni Association, and obtains honorary titles like Only Influential Zhejiang Entrepreneur in the Venture Capital Industry, One of China Top 20 Entrepreneurship Investors 2017, One of China Top 20 Venture Capital Personages for the 20-year Development of Venture Capital, One of Hurun China Top 50 Best Venture Capitalists 2016, and China Venture Capitalist Excellence Award.

    Zheshang Venture Capital’s shareholders and LP team include more than one hundred successful Zheshang merchants from dozens of famous enterprises, including Zhejiang Province State-owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd., Zhejiang  artikjng, Transfer Group, Xilinmen Group, Binjiang Group, Redrock Group, Hicon Group, Hangzhou Financial Investment Group, Zhejiang Property Group, Zhejiang Materials Industry Group, Zhejiang Energy Group, Qingchunbao Group, Meihao Holding Group, Hangzhou Industrial Investment Group, Holley Group, Wanma Group, Yongli Group, Hangzhou Urban Construction Group, Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group, China Poly Group, PICC, China Credit Trust as well as  the central enterprises and famous financial institutions, integrate the strength of the local private capitals. With the tenet of “inheriting the spirit of Zhejiang merchant, and boosting national industry”, ZSVC took root in Zhejiang province while expanding to the whole country, and has supported a batch of high-growth companies with independent innovation capacity to quickly break through the bottleneck for development in the start-up stage and promote the development and expansion of the national enterprises.

    ZSVC has currently managed more than 30 VC/PE funds, NEEQ funds, private placement funds, mergers and acquisitions funds, with a total managed asset of approximately RMB 40 billion Yuan.

    ZSVC mainly invested in big health, big consumption, new economy, new manufacturing and other fields,and the ZSVC-managed funds have successfully invested more than 150 excellent enterprises, including Wasu Media (000156), Huace Film & Television (300133), Prolto (002769), Beingmate (002570),  Xilinmen (603008),  Cixing (300307), Chunghsin Technology (603996), Oriental Fashion (603377), Lianchuang Electronics (002036),Yueling (002725), Division (300167), Zhengzhou Mine Machinery Group (601717), Philisense (300287), China Grand Auto (600297), Innovative Medical Management (002173), Hakim Unique (300300), Carephar(870447),SinceTimes(834195),Jin Tong Technology(834069),lc-bio(871474),Huimin Network, Weidai Network,Missfresh, Caocao, Taimei Tech, Arcsoft, Panshi ,Archvideo Tech,MSK Eye Clinic, Blue Lion Culture & Creative,  IVY Dental Clinic, Foreign Affair Tourism, GST Technology. It has helped a batch of enterprises to grow into the leaders of the industries. More than 50 projects have been successfully listed or withdrawn capital through mergers and acquisition. ZSVC self-built headquarters is located in hangzhou xixi road new financial agglomeration district, and has set up in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, shenyang, such as to set up a subsidiary in silicon valley in the United States.

    • Brand Superiority

      Replying on the good reputation of “Zhejiang Merchants”, ZSVC has received extensive attention and recognition from industrial peers. Through in-depth development of ZSVC brand and management concept, ZSVC has continuously enhanced its influence in the investment industry, established its corporate image and constantly expanded its project channel. ZSVC has been selected as “one of China Top 50 Venture Capital Institutions” by Zero2IPO for many consecutive years and successively won a large number of national awards, such as “One of China Top 20 Venture Capital Institutions for the 20-year Development of Venture Capital”, “Venture Capital Institution with the Most Growth Potential”, “Best Venture Capital Team”, “National Outstanding Achievement Award for Excellent Venture Capital Institutions”, and “One of the Top 10 VC Enterprises with the Strongest Competitiveness”. ZSVC is elected as the co-president unit of China Venture Capital Specialized Committee, vice president unit of Zhejiang Private Equity Association, and vice president unit of Zhejiang Venture Capital Association.

    • Management Superiority

      ZSVC Management Team is composed of senior investment experts and enterprise management experts. All the core members are new generation Zhejiang merchants with many years’ practical experience in enterprise operation and management and investment and have profound understanding and perception of enterprise management and operation. They have a keen judgment on industry analysis and investment and are adept at enterprise management and resources integration. The company strictly follow the policy of  being “rigorous, regulated, flexible and efficient” in investment management. In order to attract more talents, stabilize the team and stimulate the backbone, ZSVC has creatively designed virtual follow-up investment and partner promotion series management system and positively guaranteed and attracted more professional talents to join ZSVC.

    • Resources Advantage

      LP team of ZSVC are mostly Zheshang entrepreneurs with extensive influence in their respective industry and own rich industrial resources. They are familiar with the distribution of the industrial value chains and can provide resources support for the development of the startup enterprises and help them to establish a strategic thought suitable for their development. ZSVC has accumulated rare experiences and resources through many years’ rapid development in venture capital industry and has established strategic cooperation with many securities traders, banks and intermediaries. Through effective and steady control of the investment projects, the multiple forms of investment portfolio and the withdrawal arrangement, ZSVC optimized investment operation to facilitate enterprises to achieve rapid development and expansion. 

      Adhering to the philosophy of “carrying forward Zheshang spirit and boosting national industry”, ZSVC presented Zheshang spirit  and promoted Zheshang brand once again. Based on its profound understanding of local economy and relying on modern investment tool, ZSVC will facilitate smooth transition of local economy and realize win-win cooperation with national enterprises through effective connection of capital with industrial economy and perfect combination of investment and brand management.   

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