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    • WASU Media (000156)

      WASU Media (000156)

      Specialized in digital television network and new media, Zhejiang WASU Media & Network Co. Ltd. (formerly known as the HUAXIA United Holdings Limited) is a leading interactive television content provider. WASU is committed to promoting a new generation of service network integrating “new broadband, new media, new communication and new informatization application”. 

    • HUACE Film &TV (300133)

      HUACE Film &TV (300133)

      HUACE Film &TV Co., Ltd. is one of the largest and most influential private television enterprises in China. Approved by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Culture, State Administration of Radio, Press and Publication Administration, HUACE is amongst the first batch Chinese enterprises for national culture exports.

    • PROLTO (002769)

      PROLTO (002769)

      Established in December 2005, Shenzhen Prolto Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is a professional integrated supply chain management solution provider offering supply chain design and optimization, procurement and distribution management, inventory management, fund settlement, customs clearance and logistics, information system and other supports.

    • Beingmate (002570)

      Beingmate (002570)

      As one of the leading melamine-free infant formula manufacturers in China, Beingmate provide its consumers with safe products and trustworthiness consistently.

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